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Caribbean Trade Bloc Supports Going to the ICJ

The campaigns from various sectors on the issue of the International Court of Justice continue around the country with some advocating having the matter sent to the ICJ while others are against it.  With the recent CARICOM Regular Meetings in Georgetown, Guyana, a group of leaders of a Caribbean Trade Bloc has rendered their support to both Belize and Guyana in having their separate border disputes taken to the International Court of Justice.  According to an online publication, Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington gave an interview with the Associated Press where he reportedly said that he supports taking the matter to the International Court. He noted that both Belize and neighbouring Guatemala first have to hold referendums for that to happen, and that it will take time because both countries have to amend laws to take that step.  In a statement issued yesterday by the Caribbean Community, it was noted that final resolutions are needed to gain stability in the region.  As it relates to Guyana’s dispute, their neighbour Venezuela has long claimed 40 percent of a territory in Guyana that is rich with gold, diamonds, timber and other resources. Guyana has already asked U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to refer the matter to the court before leaving office.