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CARICOM Condemns Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

It is expected that at some point during the closed-door meetings at the Caricom summit, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be discussed. The invasion escalated and world leaders continue to condemn Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) also continues to condemn the invasion and today CARICOM Chairman John Briceno reiterated CARICOM’s position on an immediate ceasefire. Briceno’s was supported by outgoing Chairman, Gastone Browne.

Hon. John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize 

“The global unravelling is occurring against the backdrop of what appears to be a new Cold War. As we meet, Russia has invaded Ukraine. This is a flagrant violation of international law. We condemn it in the strongest terms, this unjustified invasion. There must be an immediate cessation of hostilities and immediate and unilateral withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine. We call for all to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law.”

Gaston Browne, Outgoing Chairman, CARICOM: Our unity and solidarity in CARICOM will be a vital and necessary element in the strength and stability of our organisation as we face a world influx. All around us, very dangerous and volatile changes threaten to overwhelm the international order as we have come to know it. As I speak, the guns of war are once again roaring in Europe in a military confrontation that could bring two nuclear and world powers into open conflict. The implications of this development for world peace and security are almost too frightening to contemplate. The trend towards danger and volatility across many spheres in international affairs has characterised the past six months of my chairmanship and I fully expect it to continue.”