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CARICOM Consular Corps to send aid to Hurricane victims

As Hurricane Maria continues its destructive path across the Caribbean, some members of the CARICOM Consular Corps have mobilized in order to assist affected Caribbean citizens. The group has collected canned goods, clothing, baby diapers and toiletries. The items will be shipped immediately through the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency.  The corps includes the Consul General of Belize, Herman R. Longsworth and Deputy Councilor General of Belize, Michelle Longsworth.  Two more mobilization drives will be held in Brooklyn on Sunday, September 24 and Sunday October 1. Longsworth who shared that Belize was spared the wrath of Irma, after receiving least damage from a 2016 hurricane stated quote, ‘We are brothers and sisters in the Caribbean and it is incumbent upon us to make sure we come together to aid everyone in need, that is the way it ought to be, and that is why we are here today to support those in need and help in the efforts.”