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Caring for Older Persons

Today thirty nine persons received certificates for successfully completing six weeks of ‘care giver’ training. The training was facilitated through the partnership of the Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), Sister Cecilia’s Home for the Elderly and the National Council on Ageing.  This training is geared towards persons who will be working for and on behalf of older persons. The objectives of the trainings are: to promote a safe environment that will enhance health and wellness for older persons, develop skills to care for older persons and to create a cadre of trained care givers. BTEC’s Manager, Christine Smith, told us more.


The training incorporated three components: theory, first aid and CPR and two-week internship at the Sister Cecilia’s Home for the Elderly. In December of 2016, the National Council on Ageing received funding from Belize Natural Energy Trust (BNET) to execute three Basics of Care-giving trainings. Ix-ChelPoot is the Executive Director for the National Council on Ageing


The training was offered free of cost.