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Carmelita Gov’t School gets new building

Earlier in the week, the Government of Belize inaugurated a new school building for the Carmelita Government School in the Orange Walk District. The infrastructure development comes at a total cost of one million and one hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars. It was made possible through a grant from the Caribbean Development Bank with counterpart funding from the Government of Belize and the school community in Carmelita Village. Minister of Economic Development, Erwin Contreras spoke of the importance of the new school building.

 Erwin Contreras, Minister of Economic Development

“This school project is aimed at looking at increase access and providing enhanced quality education in a more condusive learning environment. It will also enable the school to address the increasing demand of enrollment and reduce overcrowding; you may ask where the Government of Belize is investing in Carmelita Government School? The answer is simple “Your government, the government of Belize under their leadership of the Prime Minister” the right Honorable Dean Barrow is steadfast in his commitment of investing in Belize’s future leaders because as a visionary government we recognize the critical role of primary education for social, economic, cultural, environmental and political development by way of empowering you who are the country’s future leaders with knowledge, skills and values to enhance Belize’s socio economic development. I stand before you as a proud member of a government that promise to provide quality education to all Belizean children across the landscape of Belize and today’s event is a testament of our solemn promise that will positively impact you to fulfill your dreams.”

Present at the ceremony was Chief Education Officer, Dr. Carol Babb.

Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer, MOE

“With literacy as a national priority, we are hoping that in 2021 all students who are in Standard 1 will be reading at their grade level. Many students drop out of school because they are engaged because they do not have the reading and the writing skills that are needed for success in schools and out of schools. We have launched this initiative in thirteen schools but it’s the plan of the Ministry of Education to expand to all schools including Carmelita Government School, you might say it is the responsibility of the Ministry of education to see literacy as their commitment but it is a renewed commitment.  A commitment with a new vision where we are going to do the individualized reading with each child. Each child will be tracked, each child will be tested, each child will be monitored so Minister Aragon can come into the school in the next year or two and ask for Marvin Kellyman’s reading test and we can say he is reading at Standard 1 level or he is not and why and what we are doing to improve his reading skills.”

Carmelita Government School has 330 students.