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Carmelita Villager Killed in RTA on Philip Goldson Highway

One man is in police custody after knocking down and killing sixty-nine-year-old Feliciano Mendoza in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk, on Sunday night. According to police, twenty-nine-year-old, Kedy Rhaburn, told them that he was driving on the Philip Goldson Highway when suddenly he saw Mendoza crossing the highway. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood explained that Mendoza was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital to receive medical treatment but he succumbed to his injuries. 

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “Kaydee Rhaburn, reported to the Police that he was driving his Ford Ranger pickup on the Philip Goldson Highway. He is saying that when he reached in front of a Chinese store, one Felipiano Mendoza, 69 years, was crossing the road and he tried to avoid hitting that person. He’s saying that he hit that person. That person was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where that person succumbed to his injuries. I know that police have since detained Rhaburn pending charges of that fatal incident.”

Mendoza’s daughter, Sheila (Shee-lah) Moreno-Kisling, explained to Love News that her father was on his way back from the store and had almost fully crossed the street when the tragic incident occurred.

Sheila Moreno Kisling, Daughter of Deceased: “He was going to the store to buy egg and bread. I guess to cook for breakfast or what do you call it? Tea? They’re saying he nearly finished crossing the street. He nearly finished crossing the street when the vehicle hit him and he died almost in front of my brother’s house where he stays in Carmelita. It hurts me so much because the last time I talked to him was two weeks ago and he asked me when I was coming to see him because it’s been like three, almost four years I haven’t been to Belize since my aunt died and he wanted to see me and his granddaughter. He only met her once. I just want to say like, for the whole country of Belize, like, they need to slow down on the highway, especially at nighttime and I think, right, that people under the influence don’t need to be driving and you know, like, like how this happened. Right? I think if you even decide not to go through whatever court and whatever the thing is, right, and give that person a break or whatever. What will happen? They will do the same thing, right? We never know. So, I think in that kind of way, people that is driving under the influence, they should take their driver’s licence and just don’t let them have a licence. Like, you know, like it’s not good but I know a lot of people drink and it’s just, it hurts because it’s somebody’s life they took. You know?”

Mendoza was the father of fifteen children and once worked as a horse jockey and butcher.