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Carnival groups vow to keep the peace

In an effort to avoid any disputes, fights, shootings or any other incidents that may result in the injury of others, leaders of all carnival groups participating in this year’s Carnival Road March signed a declaration of peace. It’s a move that organizers have made in order to have band leaders commit to a peaceful carnival. Today’s head table included Chairperson of the Belize National Carnival Commission, Gregory Vernon, SocaMoca Carnival Band Leader Audrey Bradley, Belizean Jewels Leader KadishaTun, Central Regional Commander Dezerie Magdaleno and President of the Belize Carnival Association Sandra Mahler.

Chairperson of the Belize National Carnival Commission, Gregory Vernon

“It is very easy for us to get rough out there but we’re saying at 42 years old and with being in Carnival we have some old veterans and some new people who are with us who are just coming into the Carnival Association that we would like to say welcome and keep up the good work. The National Institute of Culture and History through the government of Belize has made significant investment in the development of carnival in Belize. We see this as a tourist destination that we would like to invite more people coming into Belize making sure that we go down the road safely and making sure that we are giving out a grand and good show to people who would like to come and see us in our revel. It is not only international tourism that we are after we are after people coming in from San Pedro, Orange Walk, Cayo, Dangriga, the cayes we are after local and international market because I have friends that do come in for the carnival on the 12 o’clock flight and they leave on the 5:30 flight going back to San Pedro so these people I know will be coming in and we would like to see them continue to come in. The visitation to this country helps the development of our restaurants, hotel, bars, shops, supermarket and it gives us a financial income, it gives us a money flow for the September celebration. We are moving forward and we are moving forward with safety in mind, we are moving forward with sportsmanship especially as it relates to clause 7 in our rules and regulations. It’s very important that we look to our left and look to our right and say that we would like to be a safe as possible coming down this road.”

The Belize Police department will be increasing police presence in public area throughout September.