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Carnival Route 2022 crosses over Bel-China, says Carnival Assoc.

The 2022 Carnival Road March is altered this year compared to the last one in 2019. Instead of it starting on Caesar Ridge Road, it starts on Neal’s Pen Road and instead of crossing Bel-Can Bridge, it will go over Bel-China Bridge. Patrick Thompson, President of the Belize Carnival Association, says the adjustment is because two of the city’s bridges are structurally compromised and desperately need attention. 

Patrick Thompson, President, Belize Carnival Association: “The route for Carnival 2022, is where we’ll be starting from the corner of Neal’s Penn Road and Central American Boulevard. We go up Central American Blvd. We go contrary to traffic on Vernon St. which will take us to Youth for the Future Drive. We go over the Belchina Bridge. We take Douglas Jones. We go into Cinderella Plaza. We take a left into Kelly Street and an immediate right into Baymen Avenue and then we take a left into Princess Margaret Drive and we culminate at the Marion Jones for the last lap. The reason for the change of route is that the engineers, the city engineers, have assessed the bridges and they found out that two of the bridges that we could have used which is, the main one is Belcan Bridge, s in desperate need of attention and they had brought it to our attention, for safety reasons, they say that we cannot traverse over due to the fact that we have all these heavy equipment vehicles and these vehicles will have, some of them will stop directly on the bridge and we’ll have onlookers watching as well. So, it is not right, they say. So it is best that we don’t take that route so we have decided to take the Belchina route. You know and Belchina is the best of the three bridges because we must say, and we all know that the Swing Bridge is definitely out of the question.”

Despite the dissatisfaction expressed by some people, the association said this was the best decision given the condition of the bridges. The Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing has explained that the bridges in Belize City need urgent maintenance with the Bel-Can needing to be replaced.