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📣 MAIN TERMS AND Definations to be fully aware:                      📣 “COVID-19” – means the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), which is an infectious disease caused by a virus which, having emerged during 2019, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11th March, 2020;                      📣 “emergency area” – means the area declared to be under a public state of emergency under the Proclamation;                      📣 “essential service” means the offices listed in Schedule I; “essential worker” means an employee of an essential service;                      📣 “social distancing” includes the practice of staying home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another and maintaining a distance of no less than three feet from other persons.                      📣 Need Food Assistance? | ¿Necesita asistencia alimentaria (comida)? – Para Idioma en Español llamar los Numeros : 631-2065 | 636-0423 | 626-4764.                      📣 For English language call: 636-5743 | 627-3634 | 629-8100 |631-9158 | 630-8502 | 607-8053 | 624-8532 | 606-9900 | 631-3359 | 621-4247 | 627-2062 | 607-6178 | 630-1081.                      📣 Please note the numbers for Food Assistance at the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The Ministry asks that you please bear patience if you cannot get through.
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Carnival Route passes through Emergency Zone

Saturday’s Carnival route takes revelers and the public along the Central American Boulevard to the corner of Vernon Street, a significant area that is part of the State of Emergency zone where the police have broad sweeping powers. The Co-Chair of the National Celebrations Commission and Acting Prime Minister of Belize is Patrick Faber. Attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd believes since the areas have been declared unsafe and zoned where rights don’t apply for the next thirty days, the National Celebrations Commission should immediately change the carnival route to avoid the areas declared to be unsafe.

Jose Sanchez: “Should the carnival route be changed being that it does pass through these designated zones for preventative detention?”

Audrey Matura Shepherd Attorney: “Well let me tell you my opinion is yes because of what section 18 allows. The least people go through those areas; for me in my personal opinion is best because carnival is such a mix group and so many things are just so dynamic I wouldn’t recommend that the Carnival group go through these designated areas. I think they should change their route and avoid that like go all the way along Marine Parade or something like that but for the safety of everyone involved don’t go through those areas especially if the authorities are saying the section that they will use was what they believe to be an imminent threat to public safety then why would you go through the very same areas where you believe there is an imminent threat to public safety? Why take the public through that area? No you don’t take that chance if they believe their own Narrative is right; you believe your narrative make sure that all September celebrations do not go through those areas. Put it out to another area so that you show that you are genuinely are concerned for public safety. Since it’s the same person who is behind this state of emergencies that is also responsible for the September celebrations this will be easy. That one person that has all the authority to make all the necessary changes and I will strongly advise public to call that he makes those changes. There is no way you can pass today or yesterday a proclamation that designates these areas as state of emergency areas but yet on a very festive day bring the entire public, drag them through the very area that you just declared a state of emergency. No that can’t work, he has to move the route. There should be a public call for the route to removed so that innocent people are not brought in this area where there is there is a public emergency due to the safety of the public.”


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