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Carnival set to take place on September 9

The new Belize City carnival route has been finalized and as we have reported, it all gets started on Caesar Ridge Road. The march goes onto Central American Boulevard, right into Vernon Street, left into Belchina Bridge into Douglas Jones Street, through Cinderella Plaza, into Kelly Street, it proceeds to Baymen Avenue and then to Princess Margret Drive and culminates at the Marion Jones Complex. Today, Councillor Philip Willoughby and the Vice President of the Belize Carnival Association Patrick Thompson asked that the public do their part to ensure the September 9th Carnival runs smoothly.


Councillor Philip Willoughby:

“A flyer will be distributed along the route to notify the residence of the new carnival route and to ask them not to have their vehicles parked along the Carnival Route, that is one. Secondly we look forward to all those who will be conducting any business along the route to kindly contact the council or the commission to deal with those matters as they arise.”

The police and traffic officials will be along the route to ensure it is clear of vehicles and that all regulations are followed. The new route is a little longer than the old one, but not by much. The men say this year the Carnival Road March is looking to be bigger and better.



Councillor Philip Willoughby:

“We have more participants because I can tell you that we have two new junior bands, we have a returning jr band and we have six senior bands so it’s a minimum of 150 because the junior band’s number minimum is 50 so with the three new bands that is 150 revellers.”

Reporter: So we can expect a bigger carnival?

Councillor Philip Willoughby:

“A bigger and better carnival 2017.”

Vice President Belize Carnival Association, Patrick Thompson:

“I’ve been around and I am very impressed with what I am seeing in terms of the design.”


The Association members add that they are also ensuring that security will be provided on that day. Immediately following the Carnival, Belizeans can enjoy the “Carnival Last Lap and After Party at the Marion Jones Sports Complex.