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Carnival Winners – Mahogany Masqueraders and Titans Mas Band

The Belize Carnival Road March 2017 was held on Saturday September ninth and the participants competed in the Junior and Senior categories. In the Junior category, seven bands registered including Sunshine Masqueraders, Mahogany Masqueraders, Collet Royal Revelers, Black Pearl Carnival Band, Trenchtown Masqueraders, Soca Massive, and Jump Street Posse. At the end of the event, the winners selected are Mahogany Masqueraders in first place, Black Pearl Carnival Band in second and Trenchtown Masqueraders in third place. In the senior category, six bands participated including, Belizean United, Mother Nature’s Creation, Fantasy Karnival Band, Titans Mas Band, Soca Moca Carnival Band and  Belizean Jewels. The winners in that catergory are Titans Mas Band In first, Mother Nature’s Creation in second and Soca Moca Carnival Band in third.