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CarPIF held in Belize City

acilatThe Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum (CarPif) was held today in Belize City. It’s a first-of-its kind event for the region to specifically address the interconnection challenges and opportunities in the Caribbean. The unique forum provides participants with regional as well as global insights on how the Caribbean can maximize the opportunities that can be derived for greater interconnection and peering between local, regional and international Internet service providers (ISPs). Bevil Wooding, Co-Founder and Facilitator for the forum spoke to Love News.

Bevil Wooding, Co Founder, Carpif: “The focus of this year’s event is rather unique. Typically we would consider things like how to improve connections between network operators, consider things like how to get more content on local networks and those would normally be the priority topics but we had a 2017 Hurricane season that has left a scar on the region and we have the 2018 hurricane season that is upon us this meeting is going to look at the issue that pairing plays in improving and increasing network resilience making the networks that deliver these critical services that we’ve come to depend on so heavily, making them more robust, making them more secure and making them more reliable. So the spotlight this morning has been on resilience and autonomy. What needs to happen at a local level and at a regional level to ensure that as more persons put more service on the internet and as consumers become more dependent on these services are we taking the correct steps to ensure that the networks can rebound after a natural disaster or that they can withstand a cyber attack or some other kind of external unexpected shock. What we have seen is that there are some places where there is as lot of activity taking place, positive development, solid growth of the market and then there are some places that still struggle to bring down the cost of the internet or to improve the quality of the internet service. Belize paints a very unique picture in the Caribbean. There was a survey that came out only last week looking at network connection speeds across the Caribbean and around the world and Belize actually showed the greatest growth in the Caribbean. Now for consumers in Belize they may say ‘well we are not seeing that as end users.’ but the fact is if you consider what has taken place over the last several years there has been a steady improvement both in the quality of internet service in Belize and also a steady reduction in the cost of that relative to what you are getting and that’s a good thing.”

The forum ends tomorrow.