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Carrot Wastage Due to Surplus

Farmers from the Orange Walk District, mainly San Carlos Village are frustrated about not being able to sell their carrots. Their concern is about their produce going to waste, due to the increase of imported carrots. Chief Agricultural Officer Roberto Harrison says that the only reason for the importation of carrots was because there was only a small local production.


“We had stopped giving license for carrots already. You will also note that there are other areas of the country that are producing carrots as well. For example in the Cayo District there are farmers in San Antonio, La Gracia, the Mennonite farmers; they are starting to harvest their carrots as well so there can perhaps even be an oversupply of locally produced carrots. An oversupply would only mean one of two things; one – the prices would go down or in fact people don’t consume as much carrots even if the price would go down.”

Harrison says that they have stopped issuing license for importation of carrots, since they have realized that other villages and communities have started to produce the vegetable. He said this might even lead to an oversupply of carrots.


“We know that the local production started in small amounts in the last two and a half weeks. We phased out importation so that local production comes in, as you would know not all of the production comes all in one so there is a phase in and phase out that in fact a little bit for carrots are allowed while we wait for the full production to come in, when that happens then it stops completely and this goes for all of the commodities that are locally produced.”