Case Falls Apart on Vehicle Theft

Case Falls Apart on Vehicle Theft

A man accused of theft was freed today as Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson told the court that the prosecution did not give sufficient evidence to convict 26-year-old, Armando Medina.  Medina’s case surrounded the theft of a 2014 Nissan D-Max pickup truck on December 4, 2019.  Surveillance footage was presented as part of the evidence, but that proved inadmissible.  According to Medina’s attorney, Orson OJ Elrington, the footage was a mere twelve-seconds, and was sketchy at best.  

Reporter: Tell us what transpired in the Armando Medina case regarding a stolen vehicle for a Yhoni Rosado. 

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: “Well the prosecution closed its case I believe sometime in last week and at the conclusion of that case we made a no case submission on behalf of the defendant which was essentially to say that the prosecution had not presented the necessary elements to the offense to successful prosecute him for the offense for which he was charged which was theft of a motor vehicle and so the Magistrate out of an abundance of caution asked that the video tape that was trying to be used as the primary piece of evidence to convict Mr.Medina be brought back today which was reviewed once again.”

After being acquitted, Medina chose not to comment on the matter, saying that he didn’t like the publicity his case had gotten, and he is now working on putting this behind him.  The stolen vehicle belonged to businessman, Yhoni Rosado.  Love News understands that the vehicle was taken from inside a yard at miles two-and-a-half on the George Price Highway.  The vehicle was later found abandoned on the John Smith Road.  The trial against Armando Medina began in April 2022 and concluded today.

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