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Case File sent to DPP for accident that killed Marlena Mortis

Monday morning’s tragic accident that claimed the life of a teacher, 23 year old Marlena Mortis in Belize City is not a footmark in the history of the highway.  Mortis had attempted to cross the highway between miles 2 and three, near DK Supermarket. The Ministry of Works has two crossings, one near the roundabout near Speednet and the other near Brodies at a stretch down the highway. The Ministry of Works has not addressed the situation and Mortis’ death has not deterred students, and people who live in the area from climbing over the barriers to cross the road that links Belama and Buttonwood Bay. In regards to Mortis’ death, the police say that the case file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution while they await the result of the postmortem examination.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “I know the driver was served with an NIP. The file was put up together. We were waiting on the results of the post mortem and we are just waiting for directive and then we will decide how to move on from there.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is there any concern that despite this fatal accident people are still jumping the barriers?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: It is a concern because as you know the loss of life means a lot and despite that people seem to not be paying any attention or seeing the risk that they are going through whenever they are jumping this barrier or even the dividers by where the accidents happen and the one by Pallotti High School. Everyday in the mornings we keep seeing students, parents and adults trying to get to the other side of the highway which is much faster for them but not knowing the risk that is coming behind it. We advise them that the high air pedestrian crossing was built for that reason for them to utilize it. Yes we understand that sometimes you want to save a little time but you have to be considerate to yourself and other commuters likewise because there is an innocent driver that is coming and he doesn’t know what your intention is and suddenly he has you in front of him and it is very difficult to avoid a situation like that.”