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Case Management Held on Sharon Pitts and the $400K

The Government has yet to recover four hundred thousand dollars from Sharon Pitts and Andre Vega. The matter is now before the courts and it has to do with a recent land scandal in which both Pitts and Vega collected four hundred thousand dollars each. Documents show that Vega and Pitts had acquired parcels of land at two thousand five hundred dollars then later flipped it for four hundred thousand dollars which the Government of Belize paid out.   Last year, the Government issued a release saying that they are demanding that Vega and Pitts return the monies or face court action. In the matter of Sharon Pitts, a case management conference was held this past Tuesday and Nigel Hawke, the Solicitor General, explained what happened inside the courtroom of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.


Pitts is being represented by attorney Hubert Elrington while Andre Vega has retained the legal services of attorney Estevan Perrera.