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Case of Suspected Arson Investigated by Independence Police

There was a fire in Independence Village in Southern Belize that left four families homeless. Authorities were called out to Amado Avenue in the village in the wee hours of Sunday morning where they observed a twenty by twenty wooden structure completely destroyed by fire and an adjacent wooden and concrete two storey building engulfed in flames.  The wooden structure belonged to Sheldon Johnson while the two-storey structure was the property of Sanchez Allen Black Sr.  Fire officials conducted an investigation and ruled that the incident is a case of arson.  Police have detained one person in connection with this incident. A fundraising effort has been launched to assist the fire victims. A barbecue sale has been scheduled for Saturday November 26 at a lot by Francis Black. Tickets can be bought at JC Corner and if you would like to assist you can call cell phone number 6020871.