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Castle Street Home Scorched Following Palmer’s Murder

Hours after the murder of Tevin Palmer on Castle Street, the house in which the deadly shooting occurred was burnt down. Police have confirmed that it is a case of arson and are looking for suspects. Inspector Hilberto Romero, Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch spoke about the fire.

HILBERTO ROMERO: “Initial investigation so far as shone that it is indeed considered arson because the fire was started from an area around the refrigerator where fire personnel have confirmed they found some clothing that seemed to have been doused in some kind of accelerant and they believe that is where it all started. It would want to seem that this is only nine hours after that murder took place at that very location. There was no sign of forced entry so it is believed that it was set by someone either who knew how to get into the house or had access to that house so we at this time we don’t have a clear suspect but we believe that it has to be someone that had access to that home.”

Police believes that the fire is in direct connection to Palmer’s murder.