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Castro asks PUP to Please Keep Leal as his Opponent

Benevolent, nonjudgmental and kind are probably not the words you’d associate with any politician, especially if that candidate happened to be your opponent in the next General Elections. But after reviewing the incident involving Marconi Leal, the Area Representative for Belize Rural North Edmond Castro was sympathetic to the man who he alleged had once brandished a firearm at him.

Area Representative Belize Rural North Edmund Castro: “I probably got the same information and watched the same video that you all have whereby my political opponent punched one of my bredrin and he retaliated back to try to defend himself. That is the video I saw and the information I received. If somebody comes against you or your family then it is your right, it is your god given right to protect yourself.”

Reporter: “ Sir do you think it is weakness on your opponents part? Do you think the People’s United Party should be connected with a candidate that would start a physical fight, that can’t handle being taunted.”

Area Representative Belize Rural North Edmund Castro: “The People’s United Party can’t choose the Area Representatives behavior, just like the UDP can’t choose your behavior as a man. I think the People’s United Party should let him continue to be the candidate because apart from a little thumping here and there man give the man a break, give him a second chance.”

Jose Sanchez: “But then if you would tease him for example and you taunted him and he throws a hand at you maybe if you said something to upset him. What if he throws a hand at you? for example.”

Area Representative Belize Rural North Edmund Castro: “I have had worse than that before, he has brandished his gun at me before at least in two different occasions but I never tried to have him spend his ninety days. I spoke to him and I said my friend don’t try that again because you have young kids and if they call the cops on you they will go with the weapon and secondly you have a young daughter man, you need to be around to take care of your kids.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you think the man is thin skin?”

Area Representative Belize Rural North Edmund Castro: “He is alright man, the man just got pushed into a little direction that he couldn’t handle but the man is a good candidate. From what I was told it was either Mr. Leal or somebody from his camp that made the report and the Police went and picked up Felo( assaulted fight victim) so he was at the Police Station and after the Police reviewed the tape they realized that Mr. Leal doesn’t really have a case to press against the person that he assaulted because he actually assaulted Felo and the video can prove to that and Felo had the right to defend himself.”

Jose Sanchez: “Should the PUP show the same benevolence towards Mr. Leal as you did towards him? Because you are a benevolent man?”

Area Representative Belize Rural North Edmund Castro: “As an elected official I think everybody deserves a second and sometimes a third chance just like their party leader. He has gotten a lot of second and third chances and he knows it so why would I beat up on Mr. Leal my friend. I would give him a second chance, third chance if he needs it, help a brother along the way.”