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Castro Finds His NEMO Portfolio Fitting

On Monday, November 9 when the Prime Minister of Belize announced his third Cabinet at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize, there were reports that three time Area Representative, Edmond Castro was not happy with him being named Minister of State as he, like many others, had thought that after retaining a UDP seat in the three consecutive terms, he would be duly rewarded with his own ministry.  However, that was not the case and despite the past reports on various media platforms of him not being content, today, he told Love News that he thinks he will fit in quite well with the added responsibility for NEMO to his portfolio.


“The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister, I love him. Like I told him, I will execute whatever task to the best of my ability to make the government function and to make sure that we do our best as a Government. NEMO is a ministry under NEMO, we have about six or so departments so the work load increases and we don’t shy away from work. If you notice I am basically a natural fit for NEMO. Whenever we have disasters and so on in the Belize Rural North constituency, I could speak of in particular, I am always on the go, helping the people in my constituency so as the person responsible for NEMO and fire and so on I will continue to do what I do best; represent the people and the Government of Belize. It’s less than a week and I’m already here at this international meeting of meteorologists so I will continue to be on the ball to make sure that we get what we need to get for our country and the region.”

Castro is the Minister of State for Minister Rene Montero who heads the Ministry of Works, Transport and NEMO.  Castro has been given the responsibility for Transport and NEMO.