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Castro Notes Needed Improvements on Caye Caulker

Minister of Transport and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), Edmond Castro recently concluded a tour of various units on Caye Caulker including the fire station, post office and transport office.  It was a tour that the minister sought to undertake in order to assess the current situation and note the improvements needed.  Whilst on the tour, Minister Castro also handed over two starter homes as part of the continued Hurricane Earl Relief initiative.  Love News spoke with Castro on these recent tours.


“In terms of the transport committee there is a new board that was inaugurated so the transport committee also met with the transport department out there to listen to their concerns and see how best we could improve the communication between the National Transport and the Caye Caulker transport board out there on the island and so we will see some improvement there to see how we could make life easier for the people getting their driver’s licence and that kind of thing. The other one that I think we need to do some improvement in terms of the housing conditions for the firefighters, it’s not in the best conditions we are currently renting and they told me that the rent is $800 a month so we are looking at a situation whereby we might be able to build a small house for those firefighters to stay right there on the compound which should be a lot better and easier for them and also savings for the government in terms of not having to be paying out rent. We are also looking at the situation with the post offices and their staff, as you know they are a small staff but we sat down and listened to what can make their work easier out there on the island so I have those first hand information that I will share with my CEO.”


“The two houses that you handed over were those part of the hurricane Earl relief initiative or was that outside of that?”


“It was part of the Earl relief efforts for those who had lost everything on the island, previously they had received some help for some of the other people that were affected by the hurricane but those two people were the ones that got affected the worst and we built them brand new homes.”

The Transport meeting held was the inaugural meeting of the new Caye Caulker Traffic Control Committee.  That committee now has responsibility to vet applications for all vehicle licenses in the village and is comprised of the Village Chairlady, Enelda Rosado and Village Council member, Miguel Angel Neal. Chairing the Traffic Control Committee is Ruth Staine Dawson whilst other members include the Chief Executive Officer in the ministry, Ruth Meighan and the Chief Transport Officer, Tirsio Galvez.