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Catholic Church loses attorney for Section 53 appeal case  

On Wednesday Executive Director for United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM),Caleb Orozco, along with his attorneys appeared before  the Justices of the Court of Appeal. In 2016 the Supreme Court ruled that Section 53 of the Constitution of Belize was unconstitutional. The ruling was appealed by the Catholic Church of Belize as an interested party and the Attorney General’s Office appealed a particular section of the ruling. According to Orozco, a date for substantive arguments was expected to be set. That did not occur because the attorney for the Church requested to be removed from the case. Orozco shared more.


It is my understanding that the court was cautious in its response and gave the Catholic Church wide latitude in responding to the court about its intention. To me that was fascinating for them to do considering they did not have any legal representation whatsoever nor did they issued a letter or notice to the court about their continued involvement needing an extended deadline for submission or anything in that regard. The curious thing now will be whether the Catholic Church will or let me rephrase that. The curious thing now is how long the Catholic Church will take to respond to the court’s concern that they need to define their intention. We’re in Limbo on that because it is my understanding that the case management process was suspended until the intention of the Catholic Church can be established.”

According to Orozco, one of UNIBAM’s next steps is to file an application to strike out the Catholic Church as an interested party in the matter.