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Caught after trying to rob Fruit Vendor

Another pair of criminals tried to making a daring escape but one of them was caught. About 9:30 this morning a daring robbery occurred on Coney Drive in Belize City. But people are no longer becoming victims by letting thieves take advantage of them. They are fighting back. Similarly to the CP Gas Station robbery last week, the would-be victims preferred to struggle with the culprits who would take their life and property.  It wasn’t one of the large companies on Coney Drive that was targeted, but the fruit shop across from Canaan High School. Love News spoke to one of the vendors who explained what his father did after one of the thieves pulled a gun on his mom.

Voice of Vendor: There were two guys trying to attempt robbery from here at this vender and they were trying to rob my dad but my dad mange to grab the gun from one of them and one of them start shooting and my dad was grabbing the gun from him and one of them start run. Two of them start run and after that they were running and then my dad jump in his vehicle and went to chase him with the rest of people from this yard so they were just trying to rob my mom but then they couldn’t because then they were claiming that they bought bananas and that the bananas wasn’t good but that wasn’t their intention. They just wanted to rob us so.

Jose Sanchez: Two guys so how many guns?

Voice of Vendor: It was just one nine Millimeter gun.

Jose Sancehz: and they came in a vehicle; on a scooter?

Voice of Vendor: They came walking.

Jose Sanchez: So two thieves on foot; do you know if the police or anybody was able to get them?

Voice of Vendor: Well I heard that they managed to get one of them. One of them from around UB area I guess.

Jose: Now you have been here about four to five years. Your family has been selling; has anything like this ever happen before?

Voice of Vendor: No no this is the first time this is happening because once people want to come around here we have people that help us and that they mange to help each one of us and this is the first time they try to rob us.

Jose Sanchez: Does it make you more concerned for your safety. Is there anything you can do to improve safety; is there anything you would like to say to the police in terms of their patrols. Well, I guess like let them pass every often and just patrol around. Not only our vendor but the rest of vendor and whats not so make them help out.

Jose Sanchez: In the end nothing was taken but at-least you are safe?

Voice of Vendor: Everything was calm; nothing happen just kind of nervous right now.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: One of the Male persons that is inside of the fruit shop struggle with one of the male persons with the fire arm and managed to take away the fire arm from the person. As a result of that several shots were fired in the area and police found six expended shells. So far police recovered the six expended shells and a 9 mm pistol that was found on the scene. The suspect is a minor and the other one is 18 years old. Further information will be provided as soon as the persons have given a written statement to the police.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo says that the family did not yet make a complete report at the time of the police briefing, therefore some details were not available.