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Cause of Fire at the Zone Still Undetermined

On Tuesday we told you about the fire at the Corozal Free Zone. The building was reported to be a warehouse. It began at around three thirty on Tuesday afternoon. Fire Chief, Ted Smith gave an update of the fire and says they have not determined a cause of the fire as yet.  The P and P Home Depot building was owned by an Orange Walk businessman Amit Moriani.


“The department Corozal branch received and responded to a structural fire at 1500 in the Commercial Free Zone. On arrival a three story metal and concrete structure was on fire. They got into operations and eventually contained and extinguished that fire. The entire structure was destroyed. It was used as a warehouse; it collapsed and was destroyed by the fire. The cause of that fire is still ongoing.”


“Do you all have an idea of the value of the items lost?”


“Not at this time and we have to bear in mind that we are not evaluators. The estimated loss is usually provided by the person who has suffered the losses. Sometimes it takes them a little while to provide such information.”

No one was injured in the incident.