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What caused the Pier 1 Brawl?

The BTL Park is one of the few child-friendly spaces in Belize City, assuming you count the Memorial Park and the Baron Bliss Lighthouse as such a space. But since the BTL Park was refurbished by the last City Council, the Pier One Bar was installed on site and it occasionally attracts a violent mix of alcohol and machismo. Several people were hospitalized and more injured during a brawl. The police say it took just two women to start arguing and when their male companions jumped in, it was all out war at Pier One.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed a group of persons.  Several of them had apparent injuries to the body, some of them refused to seek medical attention however the doctor attended to three persons that we admitted. This was result of fight that broke out at Pier One here several persons were injured. Appaotley the object that they used was a Bora and other injuries were caused by the tables, the chairs and the stools from the bar. I understand that many furnitures from the salvation were damaged due to the fight. The three persons that were admitted are Keenan Faber a 21 years old Belizean from Faber’s Rd. He had a puncture to the left side of his lung. He is still admitted and they had a minor that was treated and he was discharged, another male persons by the name of Keran Miguel. He had a cut wound  to the back of his head. He likewise was treated and discharged the same morning.”

Reporter: “Can you speak to what may have actually started this brawl at the Pier one establishment? “

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “What we understand it initiated between two females and the females were in the company of different male persons and from there the fight just got bigger and bigger involving almost everyone who was inside of the establishment.

Reporter: Doesn’t establishments like these, particularly those that sell alcohol whether it be food and restaurant or just a grill, aren’t they required by law to have ample security in place in such eventualities?

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Yes they are required ; there were security but I cannot tell you if the crowd that was there was overwhelming on being a bigger crowd than the securities that were working. We know that normally when these types of incidents do happen the security really move away because they might be targets or victims of the same fight and that’s the reality there.”

Many of the people at Pier One had minor injuries. Police are looking at the video footage from the establishment and despite numerous people involved, only one person had made a formal police report.