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Cautious Optimism on Recent Belize/Guatemala Talks

During the now-famous press conference where the media challenged the Prime Minister in bringing nothing new to the forefront regarding the Belize/Guatemala issue, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke of being cautiously optimistic following the recent talks between Wilfred Sedi Elrington and Carlos Raul Morales.  Those talks held between both Foreign Affairs leader was the meeting that the PUP was excluded from and a subsequent commitment was made to brief the PUP Leader, John Briceno and Senator Eamon Courtenay.  Today, Briceno was asked whether he too is cautiously optimistic following the reports he got following those talks.


With the commitment made by the Prime minister of Belize to include the opposition in future talks, Senator Eamon Courtenay is set to leave the country tomorrow to attend the talks in Turkey.