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Caye Caulker’s impact on Belize’s Tourism

With the improvement to the Caye Caulker municipal airstrip, it will only further create a boost in the island’s contribution to Belize’s Tourism product. Known for its allure in providing travelers with not only a small, but peaceful getaway, Caye Caulker, boasts accumulating the second highest number in overnight stays, therefore largely impacting Belize’s tourism.

Manuel Heredia Jr. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation: “Today marks an equally important occasion in the development of aviation in our country. As Belize Tourism Industry continues its groundbreaking rise with 2017 registering some 427 thousand visitors and the latest numbers for 2018 showing that tourist arrivals  to Belize are on the steady upward trend. The need to continue to modernize the Belize Transportation Sector to accommodate our people and visitors is an overriding priority. Importantly the growth of Caye Caulker; our second most visited overnight destination and its beautiful people are central to my role as its area representative and of the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation. It is  a role I take seriously. The ability of Caye Caulker to connect the mainland is no less than a right to this modern Belize for us it is our life line to the rest of the country and to continue economic growth and prosperity. This is why the Government of Belize continues to emphasise the need to develop and improve our transportation infrastructure to meet local, regional and international demands.”

Minister Heredia spoke of the importance of the improvement to the Caye Caulker airstrip on tourism.

Manuel Heredia Jr. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation:Our aerodrome must provide environments that are conducive to business development, investment generation and to ensure the safety, convenience and safety and security of our passengers and employees. Since I’ve been government this administration have had an unshakable commitment to the enhancement of our domestic airport network in line with the National Sustainable Tourism Master plan and they recently completed comprehensive national transportation master plan both which emphasize economic growth through improved air connectivity. The Belize airport Authority strategic mandate to enhance Belize public area drums network continues to achieve its mission. The newly renovated Caye Caulker Municipal airport is an example of another modern and safe area drum now available to all users.”