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Cayo Family Claims Police Brutality

The Police Department is facing yet another allegation of police brutality. The ironic thing is that the allegation is coming from Nadine Thomas who works at the Police Training Academy. She is the mother of one of the three persons arrested by Belmopan Police for burning tires on the George Price Highway earlier this week. Her contention is that on Tuesday night her son was taken to the police station and beaten. She spoke to Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz about the incident.

Nadine Thomas, Mother of Victim: “I got a phone call saying that my son was under handcuffs and the police took him to a backstreet where they were beating him in Camalote Village. So on arrival at the scene I saw the police officer them and my son. My son was already in the police pickup. They told me to go to Roaring Creek Police Station so I went to Roaring Creek Police Station. It was not Roaring Creek Police that detained my son it was the Belmopan SPU Unit that detained my son they were the ones that beat my son and I had a talk with them because my son’s face was swollen over his left eye and right eye. So I just want the Commissioner of Police to do something about this and I want the brutalizing especially with my sons them. I mean they are not bad kids and it is not fair and it is not right for the police to beat up anyone. Like I said they never went into training to beat people on the street. They’re supposed to protect people, they’re supposed to do their job, go out there and do your job. If you do your job I have no problem with you but when it comes to beating up people that is a problem for me and especially my kids because if my kids are bad kids I could understand and still that doesn’t give them the right to beat them but just do the right thing; arrest, detain and charge. So I want more parents don’t be afraid to come out here and stand up for your child because me it hit me hard to see my child like this. My son couldn’t even eat that night because he said when the officer told him ‘Talk to me’ and by the time he opened his mouth they punched him in his mouth. He couldn’t even eat until the following morning Wednesday the 21st of July. I demand for the police officer to take my son to the hospital and so then they went and took him to the hospital and I took x-rays of my son’s ribs.”

Nineteen-year-old, Landy Thomas was charged along with two others. The mother says she has since lodged a complaint at the Professional Standards Branch.