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Cayo Fire Fighter Reported Missing

A volunteer fire fighter from the Cayo District has been reported missing. 21-year-old, Peter Jones was reportedly last seen by his wife on Monday at around three in the afternoon. We join Cayo Correspondent Elaine Berry who spoke with the father.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: The family of 21 year old Peter Jones Jr is asking your assistance in finding their loved one. Reports reaching our newsroom is that Jones was last seen on Monday June 7 at about 11AM. Love News sat down with his dad Peter Jones Sr. who spoke to us about his son.

Peter Jones Sr, Father: “The last time we saw him was Monday at eleven o’clock and he was wearing a tank top with khaki pants and a blue Air Jordan slippers and a friend of mine who worked at the gas station said he saw him on his ninja bike around 11:15 putting in gasoline at the Shell gas station and that was the last that I heard of him since he’s missing now.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: When you heard that your son was missing since Monday wha was your reaction ?

Peter Jones Sr, Father: “Well my reaction was that it was kinda strange because he works at the fire department and he did not show up at work and his wife just had a young baby and he was always there for her since the baby was born and it’s kinda strange that he hasn’t shown up. If anybody has any information about Peter Jones’ whereabouts you can contact us at 601-2432 and my mom will answer the phone. He’s well known so if anybody has any information you could contact us.”

Jones’ wife, Clara has since made an appeal on social media for her husband to return home. The Fire Department of San Ignacio/Santa Elena has also issued a release appealing for the public’s assistance in getting Peter Jones safely returned home.