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Cayo hosts opening of September celebrations

For many Belizeans at home and abroad, the month of September is not only considered the most festive, but also the most symbolic to our country’s past. Historically, September marks the anniversary of the Battle of Saint George’s Caye, where the Baymen fought hard for our land, while also marking the anniversary of Belize’s Independence, therefore, severing our country’s ties to the British Empire. To honor these historic events, Belizeans celebrate each year with a myriad of activities.  This year’s official launch took place in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.  Mayor Earl Trapp spoke of the honor of hosting the event.

Earl Trapp, Mayor of San Ignacio: “I take this opportunity to express how privileged we are having been chosen to host this year’s September Celebration launch. It is with indubitable gratitude that I feel especially honored as I acknowledge your presence here today. This profound honor conferred on me is accepted not just as the mayor of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena but foremost as a patriotic son of our Belizean solid and as such I graciously welcome you to the 2018 September Celebrations launch held here in our beautiful municipality of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Of Culture Patrick Faber urged Belizeans to unite and build our nation.

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, Youth and Culture: “The Development of our nation requires my friends the dedicated efforts of one generation after another. It is to them that we owe our very existence for without our ancestors effectively occupying and building, laying the foundations of nationhood we would simply not be here today. With an ever growing diverse population we continue to thrive and aspire each day to make Belize a bastion of development and success as inheritors of Belize’s 8,867 square miles. We have a right and a responsibility to work each day for the economic wellbeing of our country, safe guarding of our democratic ideals, promoting patriotism, social cohesion and development having faced past challenges. Our ancestors laid the foundations for nation building and I challenge every citizen this afternoon to do their part, however small that is to help to build and to develop our communities and by extension our young nation. Let us be a beacon to the world as we face and overcome the challenges of development in order to usher in an even brighter future. Today there are still lots of obstacles ahead of us on our journey and as the Minister with Responsibility for education, youth and culture I am charged with the tremendous task to inspire curiosity and excite minds of all ages through discovery and presentation of Belize’s unique historical and cultural history.”

During the ceremony Fernanda Tun, the winner of this year’s September celebrations theme- “Belize Da Fu Wi – Now and Forever, 8867”, received her prize.