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Cayo Man Confesses Brutal Attack of his Wife and her Family in Pre-Recorded Video

A pair of robbers held up a coffee shop on Saturday, August 28. The robbers were caught on surveillance footage but as is the norm, especially in recent months, the culprits were using face masks. According to Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero they are yet to determine if it was an inside job.

Sr.Supt.Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, NCIB: “Police responded to a robbery report at a Smoothie Shop in San Ignacio and upon arrival they met one Zeng Zha who reported that he was at his business establishment when two male persons entered with firearms, they held him up and proceeded to steal an amount of cash and an Iphone thereafter the male persons left from the area. Police responded to the report, detained one suspect and recovered the cellular phone. A person is now in custody pending investigations into this matter. We’re looking at that footage in order to try and establish who this other suspect is. We have not recovered any cash only the phone at this time.”

Mercedes Paiz known “Kukulic” is remanded to the Belize Central Prison after he assaulted his estranged spouse, the sister and mother. The mother, 64-year-old, Angela Garcia-Flores lost her life as a result while the two siblings sustained injuries to the body. Paiz had gone on public record to preempt the attack saying that the woman (Roxana Alejandra Garcia) had broken his heart and he will ensure that she doesn’t live to do that to anyone else. Initially, Paiz was charged with grievous harm but according to investigators they are looking to upgrade the charge. Both Senior Superintendent Romero and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett commented on the incident.

Sr.Supt.Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, NCIB : “Police visited the hospital where they found Alejandra Rodriguez , Angelica Rodriguez and Emerita Rodriguez with various degrees of injuries. They were treated and thereafter Angelica Rodriguez passed away. Alejandra Rodriguez remains at the hospital in a stable condition at this time. This person has since been arrested and charged for grievous harm, and he is presently remanded to prison. We are awaiting the post mortem results and thereafter we will ask for advice to upgrade the charges.”

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “The police was not aware that he had made a statement on social media. The fist time he came to the station was on Sunday morning when one of the complainants visited the station to say that she had a protection order against Mr.Pais. Mr.Pais arrived at the San Ignacio Police Station some five minutes after her and he indicated to the police that he had absolutely no knowledge of a restraining order. As a result the officer on duty there then made a research and printed a copy of the order which he gave to Mr.Pais explaining to him what the circumstances were. At that point in time no other complaint was made against Mr.Pais other than to say that he was seen around the area. There is some information that the deceased fell from the step and we cannot say at this point in time whether o r not that was as a consequence of the beating if you may say hence the reason why we would have to await the results of the post mortem to see what the cause of death would be before those charges are upgraded if they will be.”

ACP Myvett further confirmed that Paiz had surrendered to Police on Sunday night. He added that it wasn’t until Monday night that the Police became fully aware of what had transpired.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “What I know is that Mr.Pais visited the station on his own on Sunday morning which police were in discussion with him and the complainant who visited the station and as a result he was issued with a copy of the order and advised of the consequences of the order after which both himself and the complainant left the station. Thereafter the police became aware of an incident on Monday night around 9:40PM. As a result the police responded to the scene of the incident where those three persons were found injured. It was at 9:40PM on the same night that Mr.Pais visited the police station and handed in himself. So we are not aware of any of those allegations that are being made.”

According to ACP Joseph Myvett many of the reports circulating on how the Police handled the assault case are false. He noted that he ensured that he was personally briefed on the entire situation unfolded.