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Cayo Man Dies in Freak Accident

A man was killed on Thursday afternoon on a farm in Valley of Peace Village, Cayo District. The freak accident happened just before four o’clock claiming the life of 27-year-old, Alexander Jose Hernandez. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz, Love FM News: Belmopan police are investigating a freak accident that occurred sometime around yesterday evening at a farm in the Valley of Peace area that claimed the life of 27 year old Alexander Jose Hernandez, a Salvadorian truck driver of Valley of Peace Village, Cayo District. Love News understands that Hernandez was driving a tractor with trailer filled with bags of dirt when he suddenly overturned. Love News spoke to a family member who explained more. 

Family member: “Yesterday in the morning, Jose Hernandez left home around 3:30. He went to work and around 3:40, something like that, we had a call that he had an accident from a tractor where the tractor fell on him and he was dead. We will really miss him because he was a good, kind person. He left his daughter of 2 years old. Jose was a very good person to all of us. He always made us laugh. He was a hardworking man. We will all miss him here in our village.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM News: This is Brother Fem Cruz, Cayo correspondent, reporting from the beautiful village of Valley of Peace for Love FM.

Hernandez was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He will be laid to rest on Sunday in Roaring Creek, Cayo District.