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Cayo Man Dies in Road Traffic Accident

A man is dead following a road traffic incident on Sunday evening. The incident occurred just after four o’clock on Hummingbird Avenue in Belmopan. Police responded to the scene and found a Nissan pickup truck in the drain with extensive damage and a passenger trapped inside. The passenger, identified as Marvin Quib, was removed from the vehicle and taken to the Western Regional Hospital and later transferred to Belize City. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the victim’s brother, Adolfo Quib.

Adolpho Quib, Brother of Deceased: “My brother he is a humble man, he respected everybody. He didn’t pick problem, he helped and we don’t have anything much more to say about him. He just went and with this family he left two children behind, his wife and we can’t do anything at this time. Yesterday evening I got the information like about five minutes to six and when I reached to the hospital it’s right there I saw my brother in a critical condition very bad. So after I reached there they informed me that they have to rush him to KHMH and he left like around five minutes to nine this morning he passed away two minutes after five this morning.”

The pickup was being driven at the time by 29-year-old, Carlos Pop who is currently hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital. Love News understands that the duo was headed down Hummingbird Avenue when Pop lost control of the vehicle, hitting a concrete fence and landing in the drain.