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Cayo Man Drowns After Attempting to Save Young Girl

A man lost his life yesterday afternoon as he attempted to save a young girl, Jessica Lucero, who was struggling in the Belize River. Reports to our newsroom say that 28-year-old, David Klassen was fishing in Billy White Village, Cayo District when he heard screams. Moments later he encountered a little girl in the river who was apparently drowning. Klassen reportedly notified Miguel Tzul, a farmer in the area and the two men proceeded to help the girl. Lucero, the young girl who was saved, spoke to our Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz.

Jessica Lucero: “We were having fun and we were playing.”

Reporter:  Where ? 

Jessica Lucero:  “In the river. And then when I just saw that I closed my eyes when I saw I was going in the river then like I was shouting to my mom and I was crying and I said to help me and to help me. When I saw him come straight to help me and then when I saw he just told to his boy when I saw there was no David.”

Reporter: He disappeared. 

Jessica Lucero:  “Yeah.”

Reporter: And what did you do after that ?

Jessica Lucero:  “I was asking where is David then I came to my mom and I said where is David. “

Reporter: So he drowned ?

Jessica Lucero:  “Yeah.

Reporter: What do you want to say to the family of David because of him making that effort to save your life ?

Jessica Lucero:   “Well I know that David wanted to help him. I feel sad because I didn’t want anything to happen because he had two sons and he has his family. I feel very sad and I am very sorry because I didn’t want anything to happen to him.”

Klassen’s wife, Kelly also spoke to Correspondent Fem Cruz. She told Love News that she is heartbroken because her husband was her everything.

Kelly Klassen, Wife:  “Yesterday was my son’s birthday and I went and celebrated my son’s birthday in Santa Familia because me and him were making plans to do something at lunch but I received a call when I was celebrating my son’s birthday I received a call that my husband drowned in the river.”

Reporter: How did he drown ? 

Kelly Klassen, Wife: “Well they said for saving a woman he got drowned because he gave his life for that woman to live. So that’s what I heard and then I called his dad and see if that was true and his dad said yes my husband drowned. When I went to the river to find out if they found his body already they said that they hadn’t found his body until now they can’t find him. I will miss my husband so much because he used to be everything for me. He used to be my life but now that he’s gone it feels like he took a part of me too.”

Also speaking to Love News was David Klassen’s father who was in tears as he spoke to our Cayo Correspondent, Eliu Yacab.

Father“Last thing that I know from him he was trying to save somebody and then he just drowned. I went to the river in the morning, almost in the morning I think about one o’clock. They said one o’clock we got the news that it just happened and we gone to the river, we couldn’t see nothing until now today they found him. He was a very loving person. He loved us very much and he saved many people there by the river already, many times he would haul them out when he was drowning there. I told him many times to watch that it’s a very dangerous job but he always told me but now he knows. He didn’t make it now. He left two of his sons behind.”

Klassen’s body was retrieved from the Belize River this afternoon by members of the Belize Coast Guard.