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Cayo Man Found Dead in Belize City

The family of Jose Pedro Guzman is preparing to lay him to rest after his partly decomposed body was found some three miles behind the port in Belize City. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the victim’s aunt on Guzman’s murder.

Juanita Guzman Gill, Aunt of Deceased: “The last time I saw Joey was like three weeks ago because he left from here and asked Corey for a job so he could do two days’ work so he can go and see his sister. Corey gave him the job and he got his pay and Joe went. And I haven’t heard anything from him again until yesterday when they called and told me that Joey got shot. I said no man, it can’t be Joey because I know Joey is not a troublemaker or anything. He would dance for you and things like that but he wouldn’t give anybody any trouble, as far as I know. So that was the last time I saw Joey.”

Reporter: What was the last word that he said to you? 

Juanita Guzman Gill, Aunt of Deceased:  “Well Joey didn’t tell, Joey wouldn’t ever send anybody any ill because I think everybody liked Joey. I think the whole of Roaring Creek knows Joey and Joey would go to anybody’s house and if he would ask for something they would give it to him. Or they would say Joey come and rake the yard for me. Or Fals* would tell him, Joey, come and grater some coconut for me and Joey would be willing to do it so it’s not like you would say somebody threatened him here in Roaring Creek. I don’t know about Belize because that is out of my boundary. I don’t know what is going on yonder. If anybody saw or knows anything, they should call the police and let us stop these crimes. Stop this violence because this is damaging our youths. It is damaging our youths and you know that especially the people who haven’t done anything. We know they say if you kill by a sword you will die by a sword but Joey didn’t kill anybody. Joey didn’t hurt anybody at all so why did they have to do Joey like this because it really hurts.Right. It really hurts.”