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Cayo man reported missing; his family now fearing the worst

It’s been nine days since Cayo resident 20-year-old Zian Pech was reported missing by his family. Pech was last seen socializing on July 31 at a bar in Bullet Tree Village. Since then his family has not been able to contact Pech. Various search parties to locate him have been formed but the family’s efforts have been fruitless. His mother, 41-year-old Karen Pech, told Love News that yesterday the family was forced to celebrate Pech’s birthday without him. She says that while they are hoping to find Pech alive, they are now beginning to fear the worse.

Karen Pech, Mother of Zian Pech: “He never messed with nobody. He goes to drink by himself when he comes back home everyday so I don’t know why what happened to him that night. We have searched everywhere. We went to Cayo, Succotz, Benque, Melchor. We have no news from him. A lot of people from Melchor call us and tell us that they see him but I don’t know if it’s the same person they think. The police came to Bullet Tree and they were searching Paslow Falls all here, Camalote, Callback Creek but they never found anything. They had one boy that was detained because he was the last boy that he was with but he said he left my son at the football field and that’s the last time they saw him but he said that he didn’t know where he went because he went home and he didn’t know if he met with somebody else. But we asked BAHA because my son has to cross the bridge to come home but they said that he never crossed the bridge.”