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Cayo Man Reported Missing

The family of thirty-two-year-old Armenia Village resident, Alex Guzman is asking for the public’s help in finding him. Guzman was last seen on Saturday morning in the Spanish Lookout area where he was working with a group of men. According to reports, Guzman didn’t feel well and decided to stay behind at the campsite. The men returned some three hours after and Guzman’s vehicle was still at the campsite but he was nowhere to be seen. Since his disappearance, Guzman’s family has formed a search party and have been searching for him in the areas between the Yalbac Hills and Buena Vista Village. Our newsroom spoke with his eldest brother, Nelson Guzman, who says the family is beginning to fear the worse.

Nelson Guzman, Brother:  “The guys went six o’clock in the morning and after they left they saw him laying in the hammock but then they came at ten thirty to have some breakfast and when they came back to camp he was not at the camp. Then they decided to go out at the Spanish Lookout police station to do a report and then we received the news on that same evening on Saturday evening. So we decided to get together and come do a search for him and so far we haven’t got any good results. We hope in God we can find him alive but then at the same time for us it’s a distance from Spanish Lookout to this area; it’s almost between from Blue Creek two hours from here to Blue Creek and two hours from here to Spanish Lookout so we know that if we decided to walk this distance with this heat he would never make it. Right now we are worried and we think about the worst part right now.”

Up to news time, the family’s efforts were fruitless but they will be returning to the area to search tomorrow morning. If anyone has any information that may lead to his whereabouts they can contact the family at 602-3415.