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Cayo Man Shot Outside His Home

A resident of Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District is recuperating from a gunshot wound after his family home came under attack. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to the victim’s spouse, Simone Stevens, who says he was making dinner just after seven o’clock last night when trouble came.

Roaring Creek police are investigating a shooting incident where 38 year old Albert Tillett of Cotton Tree Village Cayo district was shot. According to Tillett sometime around 7:30 last night he was inside his home with family members when he was shot. We spoke to Tillett’s common law wife.

Simone Stevens, Common Law Wife: “Next thing I heard “Boom.Boom.Boom.” on the house. My boyfriend ran out to see what’s happening and he ran out with a bat to see what was happening and almost thirty guys were stoning the house and he asked them what the problem was, why they were breaking up the house and the windows and one of them – we know who he is – one of them said that they have bullet for everybody in the yard and they continued throwing things and my boyfriend and nephew ran them from in front of the house and after they ran them they fired three shots at them and caught my boyfriend in his leg. He didn’t even know he was hit until he reached back home and he saw blood running down his leg. The police came and took him to the hospital. So far thank God he’s okay. He’s resting, he’s in pain right now but thank God it wasn’t that bad.”