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Cayo North holds ground breaking for Resource Center

On Wednesday residents in Cayo saw the groundbreaking for the Cayo North Resource and Resiliency Center. The project has been in the works for some time now and is now being fully funded by the Government of Italy. Cayo North Area Representative, Omar Figueroa explained the significance of the project.

Omar Figueroa: “It’s a gift from the Government and the people of Italy and it’s through a window of climate change collaboration. You know Belize is part of a group that is referred to as the Small Island Developing States and even though we contribute minimally in fact negligibly to the problem that is climate change we are disproportionately affected and this building actually represents one step forward in what is the national plan to to really enhance our own adaptation. The building will be able to in times of disasters actually be able house people. I think the capacity will be about 400 people that can be housed here. The building will also serve as the operational headquarters for NEMO, it will also have additional office spaces perhaps for other Government Departments. It will also have an indoor basketball facility so that the community can make use of it so it is a much needed project for this part of Belize.”