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Cayo Police Seeking Suspects in Various Vehicle Thefts

The meeting lasted for an estimated two hours with the parties agreeing to collaborate in joint operations and the sharing of intelligence. According to Deputy Commisioner Broaster the authorities have an idea who they are looking for to answer to these crimes.

Edward Broaster, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “The plan is to have more joint operations with the Belize Police Department along the Western Border and the PNC from Melchor and Peten as well as sharing intelligence on criminal activities. We also plan to look at implementing some radios in the area for the public use so that the public can communicate direct to the police here in Benque. We’re hoping to source a secure channel from one of our private companies in Belize we will not call the name as yet until we get that channel secured.” 

Reporter: Can you tell us where are we today in the investigation concerning the varying car thefts in the Benque area.

Edward Broaster, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “The varying car thefts in the area are being investigated. We have a couple persons who are wanted who are from Melchor and the police in Melchor are actively looking for those individuals.”

Melchor’s Deputy Commissioner Fuentes told Love News that they are aware that the stolen vehicles are being whisked away into Melchor.

ACP Darwin Fuentes, OC, Peten Guatemala: “Effectively immediately through the communication that we have with Belize information has been obtained that the stolen cars in Belize are taken to Guatemala City through Melchor. In the meantime we have not recorded any stolen cars in Melchor during this past few months but we do know that the stolen cars are coming in. We have some information and we are following up on those car thefts in Belize to recover the cars. When they have dual citizenship they can travel freely from one country to the other. It is important to address the issue through this meeting since Belize Police and Guatemala Police share information related to the persons who are committing these crimes. I have found out that these persons who are detained in Belize and are later released and then Guatemalan police arrest them so that they can face charges here for the crimes that they have committed.”

Today’s meeting follows a commitment made last week by the Police Commissioner Chester Williams during a public meeting held in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town.