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All that Cayo Rain leads to Flooding

There were floods reported all over the Cayo District last night. Areas such as Bullet Tree falls, and sections along the George Price Highway including Georgeville was flooded. Some homes and building were inundated with water as well. Deputy Chief Meteorologist Derrick Rudon told Love News the cause of the downpour

Derrick Rudon Deputy Chief Meteorologist: “What happened yesterday is a cold front was approaching and ahead of the cold front there were showers that developed over most areas in the Cayo District. The San Ignacio area got a heavy downpour at I think around 6 PM and I think they even got thunderstorms because we were picking it up on the screens that shows the lightning activity so they got some heavy downpours in the evening and that is what led to the flash flood. Actually they got more than two inches and it probably happened in a short time, maybe in two or three hours and whenever you get a lot of rain in a short period of time it doesn’t have space or whatever to run off for the time so that usually leads to localized flooding or flash flooding in some instances.”

Jose Sanchez:Okay but is this something we should expect while we continue into the Hurricane Season?”

Derrick Rudon Deputy Chief Meteorologist: “Well no we don’t think anything will happen tonight or tomorrow. The rains are on the decrease right now but flash floods happen off and on especially in a localized street flooding kind of thing so that is what happens when you get a lot of rain in a short period of time and that is exactly what happened yesterday in the San Ignacio area.”

Rudon said there were more than two and a half inches of rain in Benque.