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Cayo residents arrested and charged with money laundering

Thirty five year old, Walter Hercules and twenty five year old, David Cruz, both residents from Benque Viejo Del Carmen, in the Cayo District appeared in court today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford where they were charged after being arrested at a police check point in the Sand Hill Village last week Friday. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo explains why they were arrested.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Initial Search of the vehicle inside of the paneling of the dashboard led the discovery of an amount of US dollars of various currencies and a further search into the gear shift of the vehicle led to another amount. After the search was concluded Police found a total of $65,000 U.S. in different domination inside of the vehicle. Subsequently Police arrested and charge both: Walter Jonathan Hercules and Mr. David Cruz for the crime of 2 counts of Money Laundering.”

Cowo further explains what will occur with the money, while investigations are ongoing.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “When it comes to money laundering the money is kept as evidence. I know that it is the Financial Intelligence Unit they do open an account where that money is stored so that if incase after the trial; depends on what the Magistrate or the judge orders they cannot claim that they lost any interest and so the money is kept in the bank and whilst it is banked if any interest is deserved it will be given to them so that money is kept into account by the financial intelligence unit.”

Cowo said the search was part of a bigger operation being conducted.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Well it is part of an operation that has been going countrywide and you know that Benque residence they traverse the Northern Highway very much. They have been suspected to be involved in drug trafficking, trafficking of firearms and other illicit substances hence the reason that it was alerted to Police and Police intercept the vehicle at the checkpoint.

Both men pleaded not guilty to their charges and were released on bail of twenty five thousand each and their case was adjourned until October sixteenth. It was also granted on the condition that they are to report yo the Benque Viejo police station every week as well as surrendering all travel documents. They were represented by attorney Leeroy Banner/