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Cayo Residents Organize Pray Patrol

Villagers in Roaring Creek, Cayo District are organizing a pray event with the hope of lowering the recent spike in gun violence in the area.  Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The increase of violence in the Roaring Creek area has caused concern for the police and residents alike. While police have devised a strategy to address the issue so has the church. Today at 6 P.M the Roaring Creek church of the Nazarene, My Refuge Christian Ministry and Pastor Hamilton have organized a prayer patrol in the area. We spoke to brother Richard Smith.

Richard Smith, Pastor: “One death in the village is too much. We cannot sit back as church and feel that all is well because it’s not my family. We must move with compassion and so this evening at seven o’clock we are declaring prayer patrol starting from Roaring Creek Church of the Nazarene and we’ll go around the village stop at those what they consider as hot spots we finish at the West Star. We are covering our village we are taking authority, we have pastor Thimbrel from the Nazarene Camalote, pastor Ronald Hamilton from Tea Kettle, we have our Nazarene pastor and pastors from the Roaring Creek area we’re coming together we’re taking authority and we are saying that no more of this. We are asking the lord to show the police where the big guns are, to show the police who are the trouble fellows in the area that these fellows will be exposed and justice will prevail within the village of Roaring Creek because we are the police, we are the watchmen. Unless the lord watch over his house watchman watches in.”