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Cayo South Rep Alarmed at Recent Crime Wave

For a very long time the cry and appeal to mitigate crime had come from Belize City residents after the municipality had been riddled with gang related gun violence.  In recent weeks, however, the cries have been coming from the west which is seeing even more violent forms of homicides ranging from burnt bodies to dismembered bodies found floating in the river.  Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat stood in today’s House meeting saying that his area has been extremely affected and is in need of more from the Belize Police Department.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow was empathetic to the crime situation and Espat’s concerns as he noted in today’s sitting.

Representative for Corozal East, Florencio Marin Junior also made his appeal regarding crime in his area.

Minister of State with responsibility for the Police Department, Elodio Aragon Junior was present at today’s sitting but was unable to respond due to the standing orders that only allow for substantive ministers to respond.