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Cayo Students Get the Pfizer Jab

Also today, the Ministry continued its vaccination drive for students between the ages of twelve and seventeen. They are receiving the Pfizer vaccine, which was recently approved for this particular age group. Minister Chebat commented on the drive today.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health: “Today we have the second day of the rollout of the Pfizer Vaccine for all of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 and as you can see in the background we’re here at Sacred Heart College Auditorium where we have quite a number of people who have come out to get vaccinated. These vaccinations in the first instance are being reserved for our young people as I said between the ages of 12 and 17. When they appear here today they must come with a parent who will sign their consent form. And so this part of the Ministry’s roll out of the vaccination plan to get as many of our citizens vaccinated as possible. This will also help us to go back to face to face teaching which we know the kids have been out of school for the last year and half. It is important for them to get back to school and so this is part of the plan to make sure that that happens in a very short time. Yesterday when they started they had about two hundred students come out and got vaccinated, today we can say that there’s a huge crowd out here and we hope that this crowd will continue to flow during the course of the day. So we’re expecting today another two hundred students.”

Sacred Heart Principal Rocio Carballo explained that students at the school have been coming out to get their jabs in significantly large numbers.

Rocio Carballo, President/Principal, Sacred Heart College: “We started our vaccination campaign yesterday at Sacred Heart College and Junior College and at the same time for yesterday I can say had our third and fourth form students being vaccinated and our turnout was excellent I must say. The auditorium was full to capacity until two o’clock in the evening and also we can say that we had the other section where we had outsiders who are not from Sacred Heart that came also to vaccinated. This morning we are having our first and second form students being vaccinated and from seven o’clock this morning that auditorium was already half full so as you can see there’s a constant flow in the auditorium with our parents and our students. We are very grateful that our parents attended. The process that we used is that we sent an SMS blast to our students with a survey for them to inform us wether they would like their child to get the vaccine or not and to consent to it. And then afterwards we held a meeting with all our parents and our students on Saturday and we invited Nurse Velasquez to share on the Pfizer vaccine and all it’s benefits and also expand the education for our students as well. And most importantly how beneficial it will be for the country of Belize as a whole.”

The ministry’s drive continues tomorrow.