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Cayo Woman Launches Novel

Another Belizean author is making the news with the launch of her book today in the west. Correspondent Elaine Berry reports.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: You can’t go through something like that and come out the same. Misty Blue Reign by Mel Beng and today at the San Ignacio Welcome Center Bel launches her book. Attending her launch were the Director of the Welcome Center, members of the Impress Show and citizens of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Speaking to Love News Beng told us how she became interested in book writing and what she would like to share with other authors.

Melanie Benguche, Author

Melanie Benguche, Author: “My inspiration to write this book came from my best friend. She was very persistent in completing her book and with that she wanted to leave a legacy that surpassed her and that was one of the inspirations that I had in writing my book Misty Blue Reign. So for those that are writing or aspiring to be authors my encouragement to you is to read, write and write continuously and consistently. You want to be able to express yourself. Don’t worry about how you’re gonna be perceived or how your book will be perceived, do your art and express your words through your art and you’ll be successful in this business.”

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: Don’t hold your words hostage. Release them in a book.