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Cayo Women Sew Seamlessly

The Ministry of Human Development has continued to share the five hundred twenty-three bales of fabric it received from the Taiwanese Government back in February. Minister Dolores Balderamos-Garcia spoke at the event on Monday in San Jose Succotz, Cayo.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development: “We have met the ladies personally, we gave out some sixteen or eighteen certificates and it’s great to see that the ministry is working and using a kind donation. The best thing you can do with a gift is use it well and I think we’re showing that we’re serious about using the five hundred and thirty bales of material from Taiwan. Once again what more can I say and they’re lovely lovely pieces; table runners, little dresses, there’s even little boxers for girls that kind of thing so it’s wonderful to be here and I just want to thank everybody involved.”

Tanya Altamirano from the Kichpan Kananten Women’s Group explained how the fabric will be used.

Tanya Altamir, Kichpan Kanant Women’s Group

Tanya Altamir, Kichpan Kanant Women’s Group: “We appreciate the donations, the little that we received we always put it to work and then the ladies try to come up with new ideas for example the bags and then this donation has given us the opportunity to expand our knowledge, enhance our skills because then the donations as you can see we have the bags and then the ladies appreciate the donation because materials here in Belize are very scarce, the resources are limited so the donations that we receive it’s a lot for them. We appreciate it and I’m pretty sure as you can see the ladies have already sewn their uniforms and their tote bags, it will sell in the markets and then hopefully we can reduce the plastics and do recycling more.”

The YWCA has also received some of the fabric and according to Yvette Gill, the organization also intends to put it to good use.

Yvette Gill, YWCA Belize

Yvette Gill, YWCA Belize: “This donation came at the right moment. When we received word that fabric was available through the Taiwanese Ambassador we were so grateful. We’ve taken the fabrics and we’ve turned them into tote bags, you know we’re going green and getting rid of plastics, we’re generating tote bags, we’re also doing aprons and chefs caps out of the fabrics, chair coverings, table cloths and runners and these things will bring income to the Y and to the women who are part of this sewing project.”

The apparel will be put on display and then sold in the local marketplace.