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Cayo Youths Practice Witch Craft According to Local Pastor

There were a group of children from Roaring Creek Village going around the village dancing, burning candles and supposedly practicing witchcraft. They moved from the Another World area of the village to the YWAM (why-wham) Bridge where they reportedly had several sessions. Several people from the village saw them at around 2:30 in the morning. A couple of concerned parents told Cayo our correspondent Fem Cruz that their children were not in bed at that time. Police intervened with religious leaders. Fem Cruz spoke to Pastor Scott Stirm, who explained that while it was not witchcraft, incidents like this open the door for something else terrible to happen.

Scott Stirm, Pastor: “Myself and a couple of their other leaders, Pastor Hamilton and Richard Smith were invited by police to sit down together with the kids and in the bottom line I think it was kids just wanting some excitement and sneaking out in the night time so we didn’t find out anything particular in relation to any kind of witchcraft but I think people had concerns or maybe there was different suspicions. You know so I think the most important thing I think the kids realized that it was a situation where something really really terrible could have happened and it didn’t and so that was the mercy of God and we’re grateful for that. The other thing that I think was an extremely important take away from the situation had to do with the partnership together with the police and us as church leaders and when there’s a situation like this and so kudos to Inspector Marla Crawford and we’re just grateful for her. She’s an amazing leader but she’s the one that called us in and all of us handled this together with the families and so I think in the bottom-line it’s gonna turn out good. Kids and even sometimes adults we make mistakes, we make stupid choices. If we learn from that we grow wiser and hopefully those things don’t have to happen again but again it could have been a situation where things could have gone terribly wrong.”