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Caribbbean Community Climate Change Center to reach-out to Caribbean countries devastated by hurricanes

Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore through countries such as Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica wreaking havoc and causing many fatalities in 2017.  The Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (5Cs)  is focused on making these Caribbean countries more resilient to these hurricanes. Carlos Fuller, Regional Liaison Officer, says that the 5Cs is helping Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica rebuild after being devastated by these hurricanes.

Carlos Fuller Regional Liaison Officer (CCCCC): “As a result of the impacts of  the hurricane on Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica in particular; their entire network went down so while we originally had been scheduled to spread these 55 systems around the Caribbean we are now focusing it in rebuilding the net services of those two countries so we move those services more in those counties. In addition we are working with these countries in implementing specific projects especially to rebuild their electricity segment making it much more use of renewable energy as opposed to the old diesel powered generator plans. We use it as an opportunity, we always wanted to move to renewable energy but because so much was destroyed there already it gives us a great opportunity now to go in right away to do that.”

According to Fuller, the 5Cs is mandated to work in areas such as agriculture, tourism, and disaster preparedness.