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CDB Approves Ten Million for Social Investment Fund

The Belize Social Investment Fund is the recipient of a ten million US dollar loan from the Caribbean Development Bank based in Barbados.  The loan is to be used in financing social and economic infrastructure, social services and organizational strengthening to its sub-projects in the poor rural communities.  It has been fourteen years now since BSIF has been managing Belize’s Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme which is the CDB’s flagship poverty reduction initiative with a community-based approach.  The project is estimated to cost twelve point five US million dollars with the Government investing two point five million US dollars in counterpart funding. The Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) was established in 1996 to finance, assess and supervise the implementation of small and medium sized sub-projects geared at helping underserved areas of the country.  Investments are made in education, health, and water and sanitation, among others.